Yeilding to Your Temptations

I feel like my life is fucked up. I really wanna start my new life somewhere … somewhere far away … somewhere that I know no one

I haven’t written about what has been going on in my life for A BIG WHILE. The first semester started for a week now. I went to the uni to meet my supervisor. We talked about my MA thesis. I need to change a new topic for my thesis. It is okay though. I mean I still have time (though the time is limited). Better invest the time with a practical thesis topic than sticking with a same old and trivial topic. Apart from that, I will soon start to work as a teaching assistant at my department. I got a blank schedule to fill up time I can work. I still haven’t filled in up. I gotta work 10 hours a week. I aim to be at the uni like (ideally) 3 days a week. I can figure out how I can divide my working hours properly (I am incredibly poor at math). I haven’t gone to swim as often as I did. I kind of miss being under the water. 

Mmmmmm …

I don’t know what else to write though. I just hope that my life could be more exciting. I really wish to be surrounded by fun people. Finger crossed :D!

By the way, I got a pet hedgehog cause living alone in Bangkok is quite lonely. I thought having a pet would be a great idea, but hedgehogs sleep like a whole day hahaha. I named my hedgehog Julie. She hates me so much cause she always hisses and makes herself into a spiky ball whenever I try to hold her. Well, even though she isn’t tamed, it doesn’t matter. I got her. I have to take care of her well :) I’m gonna end my rant here. Those who are reading … I hope you have a great day!

My baby hedgie, Julie.

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