Since I subscribe an internet package on my phone, I intend to take pictures of things I saw in my daily life here in Thailand. Sometimes when I wander around on tumblr or instagram, I would like to know lifestyles of people from each country (apart from photos from partying and stuff). Here is what a flee market in Thailand looks like. There are many kinds of flee markets here, but this one was attracted to people in their 20s to 30s because stuff sold there were phone cases, handmade notebooks, inexpensive earrings and bracelets, t shirts, handmade purses and wallets. The flee market in the picture was set in front of Big C which is close to Central World. My sister got 2 iPhone cases (50 baht each). I got a wallet from AIIZ (I bought it in AIIZ shop inside Big C) which cost me 290 baht and it is still not expensive anyway. I know that all women feel like champions when they buy pretty stuff in a lower price. I know how it feels so well :)